17/Oct/2018: This walkthrough is being updated.
The update is required due to OBP-side server updates. Server changes means some of the signature building codes are now invalid.

Prelude -> Step 3 are now updated and accurate.
Step 4 -> Step 5 are being updated. Please bear with us, thank you.

So, you want to connect to OpenBankProject and experiment with the API sandbox. If you are having problems with the API or OAuth, maybe this walkthrough can help.

If you don't know what this is about, you can start by reading
It is possible to run through the whole walkthrough without any programming language. You will need Chrome extension Postman Interceptor to make the HTTP calls. Hopefully, the explanations should be clear enough for you to implement in your preferred language, but compilable C# console app code is also included at the bottom of most steps.

Okay, let's dive in.
We shall follow the path specified in the OBP OAuth 1.0 Server page .
  1. Prelude: Registering an application key
  2. Step 1: Obtaining a request token
  3. Step 2: Redirecting the user
  4. Step 3: Obtaining an access token
  5. Step 4: Accessing protected resources (GET)
  6. Step 5: Accessing protected resources (POST)

Did you find a problem with the walkthrough? Or need further help with OAuth or the OBP API? Or want to contribute to this walkthrough? Drop me a line at s
18th October 2015