Step 2: Redirecting the user

This corresponds to Step 2 on OAuth 1.0 Server page.
You should have oauth_token from the previous step.

Open your favourite browser, and go to the address

Include the oauth_token you got from the previous step.
Your BASE-URL might be different, if you signed-up with a different BASE-URL in the Prelude.

One of two things should happen,
1) if you are not currently logged in at, you will be prompted to login. When successfully logged in, you will be redirected to the oauth_callback url. (You do not have to use the same login as in the previous steps. You just need to login as any valid user on the site.)
2) if you are already logged in at, you will see a quick flash of the authorised message, and be redirected immediately to the oauth_callback url we specified in the previous step.

Looking at the address of the callback, you should see two parameters in the QueryString, oauth_token, and oauth_verifier.

It is possible the callback URL you chose might do their own redirection, and in so doing, lose the querystring in the redirect. If that's the case, try using another host/URL as the callback URL.

Make sure you remember the oauth_token, and oauth_verifier. (oauth_token should be identical to the oauth_token in the previous step.)

You've successfully completed Step 2.

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